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Public Versus Private Schools

Submitted by pteitelbaum@edu... on Thu, 09/29/2016 - 11:34

Why choose a public school?

Over the past few years, the number of educational options offered by the New York City public school system has expanded substantially. There are public zoned, selective and theme schools as well as some charter schools that enjoy great leadership and teachers who offer an equally good education as can be found at any private school—at no cost. Moreover, the student population in public schools tends to be more diverse than the students enrolling in private schools.

Why choose a private school?

Although the cost of attending a private school in New York City is expensive, there are clear benefits. The class sizes are smaller as are the teacher/student ratios, allowing for more personal attention for your child. In addition, many private schools enjoy large endowments and use the money to provide much better facilities and more varied programming (i.e., sports and arts) than public schools. Since many private schools start at kindergarten and end in 12th grade, parents may not have to worry about applying to high school. Finally, private school students are not subject to the amount of standardized testing that is required of public school students.

Does Paying for a Preschool or K-12 Education Offer a Better Education?

There is no clear evidence that paying for your child’s education will ensure a better education. Although it may make sense that private schools provide a superior education, researchers generally have found no relationship between school cost and quality. Parents who send their children to the elite schools will provide anecdotal evidence, citing smaller class sizes, superior facilities, and better trained faculty. They will talk about the prestigious colleges their graduates attend. Of course, parents who send their children to the selective and specialized high schools will cite similar advantages. In fact, the Bronx School of Science boasts the largest number of Nobel Laureates of any school in the World. When choosing between public and private schools, you need to select a school that makes the most sense for your child and family.