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The Bronx and Staten Island

The Bronx

The Bronx school system is divided into six districts which have been consolidated into three regions; however, school choice still remains at the district level. Although there are some very good schools—particularly new alternative schools—most of the schools in the Bronx are poor, suffering from low test scores, attendance and graduation rates as well as high teacher and principal turnover. There are some very good schools in Riverdale and City Island, but most affluent parents send their children to schools in the Manhattan or to local private schools. To learn about school choice options in Region 1, serving districts 9 and 10, call (718) 741-7090. Similarly, call (718) 828-2440 to inquire about schools in Region 2, serving districts 8, 11 and 12, and call (212) 356-7500 to learn about schools in Region 7.

Staten Island

District 31 serves all of the students in Staten Island. Since many of the Island’s inhabitants are conservative, it is not surprising that most of the schools are traditional, emphasizing the basic skills; however, that style of teaching is slowing changing as innovation and progressive teaching strategies are being introduced. With the increased number of inhabitants, schools on the shore are becoming over crowded, forcing some students to attend the smaller mid-island schools. The district is creating gifted and talented programs and can be reached at (718) 556-8350.