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Find The Right School For Your Child

Preschool-High School

Companies that purchase a subscription to EduProfile as a benefit for all of their employees and individual clients that subscribe to EduProfile will enjoy access to the School Finder which has thousands of profiles of private and public nursery, elementary, middle and high schools in your metropolitan area. Parents can locate schools that satisfy selected criteria (i.e., location, cost, size and educational approach).  Once you have identified a group of schools in which you are interested, the website allows parents to compare these schools' strengths and weaknesses.

The Parent Guide has over 300 pages of material to help parents navigate the private and public school admissios process as well as over 50 handouts with strategies to help parents prepare for the entrance exams, interviews and school tours. The Parent Guides differ by metropolitan area, because the private and public school admissions processes vary by city. In addition, there is a separate parent guide for each level of education--nursery, elementary, middle and high schools. Please click on the Parent Guide Tab for more information.

We also provide individual consulting services and workshops. To learn more about these services, please click on the Our Services Tab.