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Parent Guide

The parent guide has over 300 pages of information regarding New York City’s public and private school system and issues that parents may want to consider as they select the most appropriate nursery, elementary, middle and high school for your child. In addition, the parent guide offers over 50 handouts with tips to help prepare parents for the complicated admissions process, covering topics such as school tours, child and parent interviews, and entrance exams. Please click here or on the Parent Guide Tab to learn more about New York City's private and public school system.


Our Services

In addition to the school finder and school comparison tool, EduProfile offers several services to help parents identify the private and public schools that meet your child's and family's needs as well as navigate the admissions process.  More specifically, we offer:

  • Eduprofile
  • Workshops
  • Confidential individual consulting services

Please click on the Our Services Tab to learn more about these programs.



Before you start searching for schools, it is important to understand your child's educational profile as well as your family's academic goals and practical concerns. In what type of school environment will your child flourish? What educational approach to teaching is best suited for your child's learning style? How much money do you want to spend on education? Eduprofile is a survey that parents complete, and we use the results to create a document that describes your child's educational profile as well as provides a list of schools that we think will meet your child's and family's needs.



We regularly offer the following workshops to help parents understand and navigate the private and public school admissions process.

  • Navigating the preschool admissions process
  • Navigating the private school admissions process
  • Navigating the public school admissions process


Private Schools

There are a number of very good private schools that specialize in helping children with disabilities. They tend to be small schools that emphasize structure and tolerance. Although most are costly, their track records are typically very good, and some school boast that they have even sent some of their graduates to selective universities.

Public Schools

Depending on your child’s disability, the public school system offers a wide range of services and support; however, the process for obtaining the appropriate services for a child with disabilities is much more involved and time consuming than the process with general education students. This section provides a four-step process to help you navigate the admissions process.

Special Education

New York City has a great number of public and private schools that offer special education services. There are private schools that focus primarily on serving children with disabilites. Moreover, the New York City public education system has a vast array of services that can meet the needs of most children with disabilities. This section provides information regarding the special education services available in the City as well as how to navigate the admissions process.


Your Child's and Family's Educational Profile

Before you tour different high schools, you need to understand your child’s educational profile as well as clarify your family's academic goals and practical concerns. What type of educational approach is most appropriate for your child? How much money do you want to spend on a high school education? This section will help you ask the right questions to identify the characteristics of high schools that will best suit your child's and family's needs.


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