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Your Child's and Family's Educational Profile

Before searching for preschools, you need to understand your child’s educational profile as well as clarify your family's academic goals and practical concerns. What skills do you want the preschool to emphasize? What teaching approach is best suited for your child? How much are you willing to pay for preschool? This section will help you ask the right questions to identify the characteristics of preschools that will best suit your child's and family's needs.

Find The Right School For Your Child: Preschool-High School

Photo of student and teacher in a classroom setting

Companies that purchase a subscription to EduProfile as a benefit for all of their employees and individual clients that subscribe to EduProfile will enjoy access to the School Finder which has a profile of over 2,500 private and public nursery, elementary, middle and high schools in New York City. Parents can locate schools that satisfy selected criteria (i.e., location, cost, size and educational approach). Once you have identified a group of schools in which you are interested, the website allows parents to compare these schools' strengths and weaknesses.


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