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Tip of The Week

Once you have selected a group of schools in which you are interested, you will want to visit them. If possible, visit the school during the school day when classes are in session. You will learn a great deal about the school by simply observing the classrooms, facilities and school walls as well as the sounds from the students and teachers. The following are a list of questions to ask about the manner in which the teachers develop various skills.

Skill Development

  • How is math taught (i.e., rote memorization, workbooks, manipulatives, or practical problems)?
  • How is reading taught (i.e., phonics, whole language)?
  • What kind of writing is required in each grade? How is it taught?
  • How is science taught (i.e., in class or lab)?
  • Is there musical instruction? How many days/hours per week?
  • How much homework is required daily at each grade level?