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The Admissions Process

Most nursery schools begin accepting applications in September, the year before your child will enroll. In addition, many schools require you to apply before they allow you to tour the school. Since many good nursery schools fill up quickly, it is wise to select a few schools in which you are interested during the summer and call them right after Labor Day to request an application. After the schools receive your applications, they will contact you to schedule a tour as well as student and parent interviews.

Please click the following link to obtain a timeline for the public and private preschool admissions process.

To obtain more detailed information about applying to private preschools, please click on the Private Preschool Admissions Process link.

To obtain more detailed information about applying to public preschools, please click on the Public Preschool Admissions Process link.

Please see the handout section near the bottom of the parent guide to learn tips regarding the school tours, student and parent interviews, entrance exams, admissions officers' pet peeves, admissions decisions as well as financial aid and scholarships.