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The Admissions Process

In general, students are sent to preschool between the ages of 2 and 4; however, some day care centers have programs that serve children as young as 6 weeks old. Most nursery schools begin accepting applications in September, the year before you children will enroll. Please click the read more button to learn about the public and private preschool admissions process.

Selecting Schools

There are hundreds of nursery schools and day care centers, and all of them have their own personalities and differ by educational approach, size, cost, religious affiliation and other characteristics. To identify which schools meet your needs, you will have to consider your child’s academic and social profile as well as your family’s academic goals and practical needs. This section describes the different types of preschools in New York City.

Your Child's and Family's Educational Profile

Before searching for preschools, you need to understand your child’s educational profile as well as clarify your family's academic goals and practical concerns. What skills do you want the preschool to emphasize? What teaching approach is best suited for your child? How much are you willing to pay for preschool? This section will help you ask the right questions to identify the characteristics of preschools that will best suit your child's and family's needs.

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